Gridview1rowupdating not firing

) has been previously blogged by Mark Cassidy but I guess it depends on what symptom you’re having first, and wether you relate it back to this obscure setting. Grid View to This issue does now have a fleeting mention on While looking for that link, I also came across another blog post detailing the same issue and frustrations I’ve had with Gridview events that may have more detail.

In my case, I was previously aware of this issue but only relating to apparent loss of viewstate on controls.

Unfortunately I didn’t think of it as affecting events too.

In my case most features worked, Edit buttons would invoke row editing mode, cancel button works fine, row Command event generally worked, but it was Row Updating that simply wasn’t working.

Both drop downs are working fine....on gridview Edit or cancel or update i want that to be Ajax Enabled .that too in template controls .... In nutshell my query is that if I want every Gridview(templated) events to be Ajaxified..all i have to do...moreover i am binding the Data at RUN time...

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to be aware that Sitecore meddles with some controls.

This nasty issue which can have you banging your head against the wall for hours (days?

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