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This date indicates the device sent a scan to the core.

Note that if the devices scan is rejected, the The Last Updated by Inventory Server will update but the Last Hardware Scan Date will not.

The management point then forwards the inventory information to the Configuration Manager site server which stores the inventory information in the site database.

Hardware inventory runs on clients according to the schedule that you specify in client settings.

There are usually 4100, or 4110 errors related to this.

I checked the logs on my SCCM server and every time i recieved the inventory report from clients I got an SQL error saying that the rows in my table could not be updated.This occurs when a scan is returned from a client as either a corrupt scan or mal-formatted to the point that it causes the Inventory Server Service to model that invalid data on the fly and insert the bad data as objects in the Metadata tables. See this document for more information: Database Repair Utility (download)This folder is unlikely to be empty.It is most notable when performing queries within the LANDesk Management Suite console. Scan files that are rejected due to inconsistency or because they are duplicate devices (see later) will be moved to this folder.If the customer is currently in the process of redeploying the LDMS agent, or is currently reimaging or migrating a large number of devices, then it may be normal to see a larger number of scan files in this folder.One thing to check is the Event Viewer on the core.

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To collect hardware inventory, the Enable hardware inventory on clients setting must be enabled in client settings.

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