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Strong Bad Emails (also known as "sbemails") are arguably the most popular and prolific series, featuring Strong Bad answering emails from fans.

Since starting in August 2001, the initially brief episodes have grown in length and scope, introducing numerous spin-offs, characters, and inside jokes, such as Homsar, Trogdor, Senor Cardgage, 20X6, the Teen Girl Squad shorts, and Homestar Runner Emails (also known as "hremails").

During this hiatus, the brothers released a small number of Homestar Runner cartoons, including ones for 2010's April Fools' Day and Decemberween holidays.

They also made a special video featuring Homestar and Strong Bad for the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con to introduce a panel regarding the history of W00tstock.

Matt, after completing work on Gravity Falls, moved back to Atlanta in 2014 where Mike was currently living, and the two agreed that they now had the opportunity to return to Homestar Runner on a semi-regular basis.

Their first short in nearly four years, posted on April 1, 2014, poked fun at how they had not updated the site in years.

At the peak of its popularity, the site was one of the most-visited sites with collections of Flash cartoons on the Internet, spreading via word of mouth.

Their initial cartoons were launched on their dedicated website,, by 2000.

Mike animated the cartoons, Matt provided the voices of the male characters, and Mike's girlfriend (now wife) Missy Palmer provided the voice of Marzipan.

They were able to sell a "few dozen" T-shirts by 2001.

The Strong Bad Email series proved very popular, generating significant interest in the site; when the brothers were late in publishing a new Strong Bad Email, they received angry emails asking where the new short was, which Matt said was "a cool feeling to know you're as important as a cup of coffee or morning crossword to some folks".

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