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First, this means keeping it healthy through appropriate nourishment, exercise and rest.

Today, the "Gregorian" Calendar is the standard calendar used by most of the world.Up until the 1920's all the Orthodox world chose to maintain the Julian Calendar for marking the holy days of the Church year.Today, there is a 13-day difference between the two calendars.Moreover, people who contract the virus through a blood transfusion, or children who contract it through their mother's milk, are not being punished for their sins rather, they are the victims of a terrible tragedy.People with AIDS and HIV, regardless of how they have contracted it, are looked upon as are others with any kind of infirmity: as people in need of the co-suffering, unconditional love of Christ that is ministered by His Body, the Church.

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In the case of a person who has died, an AUTOPSY would be allowed for the purpose of finding the cause of death or helping to advance medical science; however, the body must remain intact and be given a proper Orthodox Christian burial after the procedures are completed (see FUNERAL).

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