Intimidating facial features

That means a scowl or a smile provoked by emotion didn't factor into it — the researchers only looked at faces in "neutral" positions.Like many people, Olivola has a problem: he naturally kind of looks upset or angry. Like when I was growing up, people would come up to me and say, 'Hey is everything OK?He previously covered technology for TIME's Techland and wrote about politics as a staff writer at The You can follow him on Twitter at @kwagstaff and reach him by email at: Keith.In this article you’ll discover 9 must-have camera accessories that will help you take better quality photos, protect your equipment and keep you shooting when disaster strikes.

"We don’t want to live in a society where these things are determined by superficial cues."Keith Wagstaff writes about technology for NBC News.Are you wondering which camera accessories to buy next?With such a wide range of equipment available it’s difficult to know what you need or where to begin."Attractiveness, generally speaking, is always a plus," Olivola said.The study specifically looked at people's resting faces.

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