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The Girl of Enghelab Street, nicknamed so because of the name of the road where she took her head-scarf off in protest, has spurred many other women in Iran to do the same.Since her protest on December 27, she has become a symbol for Iranian women's fight against compulsory hijab, with many sharing the video of her protest on social media and illustrations of her brave stand.Human rights lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh, who had been investigating the case, said officials had confirmed that the woman had been freed over the weekend.A video showing her calmly waving her white hijab tied to a stick above the crowds in the Iranian capital, went viral on social media.In October 2014, a man was shot dead by police in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu in Quebec after he killed a Canadian soldier with his car.Two days later, another soldier was killed by a gunman in central Ottawa. Two years later, the authorities successfully disrupted a planned attack when a Daesh supporter was shot and killed in Ontario as he attempted to detonate an improvised explosive device.

You should monitor media reports and remain vigilant.Figures are rarely given, but Tehran's traffic police said in late 2015 they had dealt with 40,000 cases of bad hijab in cars, where women often let their headscarves drop around their necks.These cases generally led to fines and a temporary impounding of the vehicle.Iranian journalist and human rights campaigner Masih Alinejad first broke the news of her release, citing friends of the woman.She tweeted: 'The woman with the white shawl has been freed, according to her friends.'Ms Alinejad is the founder of the White Wednesdays and My Stealthy Freedom movements, which fights compulsory hijab in Iran.

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