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In order to ensure that UTSU resources are available to members, part of each commission budget is reserved for member initiatives.

Summary: Student turns teacher into cum addicted slut for the day.

The executives are elected in the spring and work full-time throughout the year.

it feels so dirty, which makes me feel so good after a long day at work of being in control.

Anyway, I arrived at work like I always did half an hour early to get ready for the day and to have a cup of coffee to get me running on all cylinders.

This non-traditional sentiment probably tells you that in the evening I get to dress up a little sexier than at school as George, my husband, and I always host an adult only Halloween party. although I always point out it's not technically a holiday, to which he always replies with some dismissive comment about semantics.

So I always buy two outfits: a conservative one for school and a far less conservative one for the party.

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