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We met to speak about doing a song together, NOTHING further is going on between me and Jay Sean and never will!New York City agreed on Tuesday to pay more than million to settle a federal lawsuit filed by the family and two friends of Sean Bell, a 23-year-old black man fatally shot by the police in 2006, on what would have been his wedding day.Bell, Jada, 7, and Jordyn, 4; she will not receive a share because she was not married to Mr. “I don’t think a black or Hispanic man’s life means much in this city,” he said. Benefield, 26, was not present, but he is expected to join Ms. Guzman at a news conference Wednesday at the Brooklyn offices of one of their lawyers, Sanford A. The five officers who opened fire — Detectives Gescard F.Isnora, Michael Oliver, Marc Cooper and Paul Headley and Officer Michael Carey — are all on modified assignment, or desk duty, with no gun and no shield, Mr. The settlement was among the largest in recent years involving the police.

Nicole Paultre Bell said the settlement was fair but not a victory. Cardozo, the city’s corporation counsel, said: “The Sean Bell shooting highlighted the complexities our dedicated officers must face each day. Palladino, the president of the Detectives Endowment Association, criticized the settlement as “laughable.” “I think there is something seriously wrong with the entire picture,” Mr.

The amount of force used was absolutely irresponsible, careless and reprehensible.

How long do we have to wait for the police to respect the lives of black men???

And Scherzinger has even taken to to blast reports the British singer is her latest man.

She writes, "The Jay Sean story is BS (bulls**t)...

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