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At the moment, each one of the 60 or so node classes is very, very small.

Putting all that logic in a big case statement inside a subclassed model would be difficult to maintain.

I cannot understand why do you reject to use a model. One to create the defaultthreemodel object with root your root node, one to pass it to the jtree constructor, and one to insert Nodes in the parent using the model (see above). On the other hand, if you still does not want to use tree model, look at the source code of the Default Tree and see how they notify the JTree to update itself. Each component has subcomponents, and that has sub-subcomponents. I've defined many distinct classes (each subclassed from DMTN) that represent each unique component.However, if the CL is not viable, then I guess I'll have to use TL Thank you // ============== Test BEGIN ===================== package Children; import *; import event.*; import java.applet.*; import javax.swing.*; public class Test Applet extends JApplet // =============== Test END ====================== // ============== Second BEGIN ===================== package Children; import *; import javax.swing.*; import javax.*; import event.*; public class Second Page extends JPanel // =============== Second END ====================== // ============== My Tree BEGIN ===================== package Children; import javax.*; public class My Tree Node extends Default Mutable Tree Node // =============== My Tree END ====================== Ok then, Since your updates are insiped by a separate thread, your program should store references and find about the nodes by walking the tree. The nodes (DMTN) does not need to know about the model (DTM).Just, when you need to modify tree content instant update, use the reference of the model to add/remove nodes from their parents. And you can always obtain the model if you have the reference to the JTree.Thus, you better use the methods of DTM (you can keep a reference to it from initialisation time when you passeed it to the JTree constructor) insert Node Into and delet Node From. When your tree modifications are based on the selection or a mouse click within the tree (event related to the tree itself), there are standard methods to determine which is the selected node.NOTE THAT the DTM does not keep any information about structure of the tree! Thus, you can obtain a reference to the particular DMTN and then look for a particular child, or its parent.

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