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She later handed them to the four kingdoms of Encantadia.King Arvak of Hathoria wanted to acquire all gems, starting a rebellion leading to the Great Encantadian War wherein he was killed.Other soundtracks include "Isang Bagong Mundo" (A whole new world) performed by Jennylyn Mercado, arranged by Eric Torralba and written by Suzette Doctolero; "Sa Pakpak ng Paru-paro" (Fairy's Wings) composed by Mark A. Encantadia is an enchanted place in a different realm.All of the characters existing in this world are called Encantados.Encantadia was Doctolero's first head writing project with the network in 2005, and also served as her training for writing a fantasy story for the first time.The said warehouse was also a setting change for Lireo, Sapiro, Hera Andal, Hera Sensa and others.

The second series title Etheria premiered in the same year and ended in 2006 with 50 episodes.It was created and conceptualized by Suzette Doctolero to make the viewers feel that the world of Encantados be somehow realistic and genuine.Doctolero created its vocabulary from many Indo-European languages with some influences of Philippine languages especially Tagalog.Most characters from the Encantadia saga know how to speak Enchanta, but it was Cassiopeia that had spoken the language most in the whole series, from the fact that she is the first diwata (fairy) of Lireo and ancestor of all the royal-blooded diwatas.Queen Amihan Sangg're Alena Sangg're Danaya Sangg're Pirena (Lireo's liberation) (Lireo) Prince Ybrahim (Sapiro) Elder Imaw (Adamya) General Aquil (Lireo) General Kidlat (Lireo) General Alira Naswen (Sapiro) Commander Muros (Lireo) Commander Hamaro (Lireo) Commander Hitano (Hadezar) Lila Sari (Adhara's Army)Emre Cassiopea Haliya (Support) Queen Danaya (Lireo) Queen Pirena (Hathoria) Sang'gre Alena(Lireo/Adamya) King Ybrahim (Sapiro) Prince Markus (Sapiro/Lireo) Elder Imaw (Adamya) Sangg're Lira (Lireo) Sangg're Mira (Hathoria) General Muros(Lireo) General Hamaro (Lireo) General Mayca (Sapiro) Commander Hitano (Lireo) Commander Kaizan (Sapiro) Commander Amarro Lila Sari (until Queen Avria's Death)The Empire of Etheria has been defeated by the combined forces of the other four kingdoms of Encantadia and resulted in the death of Etherian Queen Avria.

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