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He was equally surprised when Russian separatists in Ukraine managed to acquire an astonishing array of Russian equipment and went to war with Kyiv, demanding Moscow annex big hunks of Ukraine to go with its acquisition of Crimea.

After 5 emails, no request for money had yet been made, but the emails are the exact ones as Diana Ivanova listed on the November list. I received the first letter attached below from "Diana" as a response to my Yahoo personal ad in late November 2002.

As did its adoption of human rights legislation linked to the death of Sergei Magnitsky, a Russian lawyer who died in prison after uncovering a massive Kremlin fraud.

A Russian spokesperson denounced the Magnitsky law as “a deplorably confrontational act blatantly interfering into Russia’s domestic affairs.”So why do people believe these things? President Putin would like to understand, but — as so often — he’s been left in the dark. If you’re going to spend 24 years leading an important world power, you really should be better informed.

“We have nothing to do with this,” he said, adding that Moscow has “stopped paying attention” to the allegations against it.

The attack thus joins a perplexing list of deaths, illnesses, invasions and disruptions Russia knew nothing about, but for which Putin gets the blame.

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