Like chatroulette but for adults

My supervisor would send me to Coffee Call to procure sustenance in the form of caffeine and beignets for our entire crew.

I would end up spending a much longer time than intended due to my philosophical conversations with Eddie D.

Coffee Call has since moved from those days (thanks, Wal-Mart) and is still in the same block, but no longer has that gritty feel.

Yesterday, after one of my latest procedures, my mom felt I deserved a bit of sweetness, so she brought me to Coffee Call.

On special Saturday mornings in my childhood, my mother would bring my brother and I for this treat.

When I married and moved in with my husband, our condo was on College Drive, just a few blocks away.

I’m sure the proximity of this cafe attributed to the large amount of weight I gained while I was pregnant with my first baby.

Coffee Call has always been Emergency Services friendly, meaning police officers, EMS workers, and fire department personnel in uniform always got the hookup.

Many nights when I was working at the fire department, I was given porter duties, meaning I was the gopher.

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