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Since arriving in Britain in 1850, this Indian diamond has been set in various ways including in two previous queen consorts’ crowns.

London is one of the world's great cities, vibrant London manages to shine in the greyest weather and its diversity defies a simple definition.

The re-presentation of the Crown Jewels has given the Crown Jewels a home fit for the 21st century, with new displays showing the jewels like never before.

The new display explores the importance of the Crown Jewels to the British Monarchy, the role of the Tower in protecting these treasures and the long and fascinating tradition of coronations in England.

The Crown Jewels, part of the Royal Collection, are the most powerful symbols of the British Monarchy and hold deep religious and cultural significance in our nation’s history.

The mystique and beauty of the diamonds and precious jewels in the royal regalia have always held an unparalleled allure to visitors from across the globe.

The classic sights of Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square and Big Ben could not be more English, and are a permanent symbol of England's former greatness.

Paris is confident that it's the world's most beautiful, fashionable and artistic capital. Walking through the heart of Paris you often feel like you've wandered onto an art film set; much of the city has been scrubbed clean in recent years and it's never looked more fabulous.

London's landscape is steeped in British history and tradition.

One half of the Old Guard is already on duty and inspected while awaiting the arrival of the St.

James’s Palace detachment.guided bus tour of London's most important sights.

The displays examine how the royal regalia are used during the ceremony and explore the symbolism of each object.

Destroyed at the Tower after the Civil War and remade for Charles II’s coronation in 1661, the Crown Jewels signify royal authority to lead, and protect, the nation.

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