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Yet the most frustrating part was when we were told to go through even more agravation and find a place to have the oil changed AT OUR EXPENSE, and just continue with our trip!

That should have been taken care of BEFORE it was picked up.

After this experience I doubt if I will ever rent a vehicle from Enterprise.

Other than the individuals that my wife and I were on the phone with until late Friday night, contacts were rude, condescending, and about as helpful as just someone off the street with no knowledge.

We were going to Williston, North Dakota for our nephews graduation. Two disabled and 3 teenagers, one driver and the luggage too. We only took what was absolutely needed but the assorted lugage wouldn’t completely fit.

We had to leave my 78 yr old mother’s wheel chair behind.

Nicholson, I’m very sorry to have to writing this letter to someone at your level but I feel it is important that you know what happen to me.Spent almost 3 hours on the phone where the woman, who was actually from Wentzville Missouri, got her supervisor involved, who also got upset, plus sent it up to the escalation team. Called back at noon on Saturday told the person on the phone to read the notes in it’s entirety so they would know what was up.In the end we were told that we needed to call back around noon on Saturday and that arraingements would be made to get a full size SUV delivered to us from Dickinson ND. Man on the phone said there were no notes and that the airport didn’t open until 7pm. Called back at 7 pm and were then told that the office closed in less than an hour and there was no way that anything could be done in that amount of time as it was at least am2 hour drive! I have NEVER been given such a run around by so many people who seem to work on the premise that the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing! Deliver a different vehicle that would accomadate two disabled adults, 3 teenagers and on driver and all the lugage.Question 1: What is the phone number for Enterprise?Answer 1: The phone number for Enterprise is (314) 512-5000. Answer 2: The CEO of Enterprise is Pamela Nicholson. Answer 3: Enterprise was founded by Jack Taylor in 1957.

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In December of 2015, Uber teamed up with Enterprise, who agreed to rent vehicles to Uber drivers for a standard flat fee each week. If successful, the companies hope to expand this program to all 50 states.

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