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• Sometimes perception and reality are a perfect match. • This week's "Gleeman and The Geek" episode was taped at Smalley's 87 Club in downtown Minneapolis, which closed up shop literally a day later.

And if you've listened to the episode, that probably seems fitting.

• Speaking of the Rays, this is the first ballpark giveaway guaranteed to cause nightmares.

• Jimmer Fredette's transition to the NBA is proving to be a difficult one and Sebastian Pruiti of Grantland has a very detailed, interesting analysis of his early struggles. • Katy Perry unfollowed Russell Brand on Twitter after their divorce, which is no doubt where this is headed too some day.

• Congrats to former "Gleeman and The Geek" guest Lindsay Guentzel for making the MLB Fan Cave's final 30 candidates. • Bonnes and I are planning a get-together for March 5 to watch the Twins-Red Sox spring training game on television.

We'll have all the details next week on the podcast and our blogs, but in the meantime mark your calendar and start preparing your liver.

I'm not involved with the site, but it's a great project and I'd encourage everyone to go hang out there (after you're done reading everything here, of course). • In which Craig Calcaterra reveals our private conversations and says Ronald Belisario bought drugs from my mother.

• Raquel Welch has to be the best-looking 71-year-old person ever, right?

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