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And in the boys club, it’s not just that women are the target of jokes and comments.

They’re also at risk for being the targets of more egregious boundary-crossing behavior.

Human resources soon reached out to Mary to address the incident, as did her union.

Huff Post has reviewed emails between Mary and a human resources representative from the studio running the production, in which the representative encourages Mary to continue “business as usual” until the situation is resolved.

According to Mary, David had seen some recent photos of her and, during their initial conversation about the job, commented on how attractive he found her.

Mary, still new to the industry and eager to advance, said she was thrilled about the opportunity and decided to overlook his remarks.

34-year-old producer and cinematographer in New York who preferred not to use her real name in this story for fear it would impact her ability to get future work, told Huff Post that although she’s seen more women step into leadership positions over the past decade, the entertainment industry still largely “feels like a boys club with a lot of locker room talk.” And often that “locker room talk” happens in women’s ears ― literally.

The job offer came with some unwelcome flourishes, though.

Huff Post spoke to five men who work or have worked in the industry in LA, New York and Vancouver.

All said they were aware of the casual sexual harassment women face in the film industry, and four of these men said they had personally observed behavior that crossed a line on sets.

When David offered Mary a job on the set of a major feature film in 2016, it seemed like a golden opportunity.

She’d moved to Vancouver the previous year to start her dream career and, at 28, found herself working 100 hours a week on various gigs across production sites.

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