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Rumor has it NFL star Reggie Bush is engaged to an attention whore, and I’m not talking about Kim Kardashian.

“Their feelings are getting stronger all the time.” Though a mirror image of Reggie’s former fiancee, “Mayra doesn’t just want to be Kim’s replacement, she wants to make sure there is a special place in his heart just for her,” explained the source.

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According to Terrez Owens: “Last week Reggie Bush’s girlfriend Mayra Veronica was spotted wearing what appeared to be an engagement ring…and today I’ve received word that Mayra is telling people her and Reggie are engaged…Reggie’s camp has not confirmed the news, but Mayra has been blabbing to everyone who will listen that she and Reggie have plans to wed next summer.”, a source told E!

Online that Aubry is her “official boyfriend.” Reportedly, the pair, who met a few weeks ago through friends, was spotted taking in a movie and cruising in Aubry’s white Rolls-Royce on the Thanksgiving holiday.

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