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In those moments, remind yourself of this crucial fact: all you're looking for is one person who's a match, and that can happen at any time."Also, if you're dating online, the pool is constantly refreshed," says Newman.Newman learned this lesson with Date 54, which she summed up as "so horrendous, so bad." For starters, her date showed up looking about 30 years older than the 48 years he'd claimed.The outing ended an hour and a half later when he offered up sex."I'd say something like, ' You were talking about how you're really great at guitar,' then have them explain how they got to be so good at it," she says.When most people talk about something they're skilled at, they turn into the most attractive versions of themselves—better posture, radiant confidence, twinkling eyes.After Date 54, he of the erect penis, Newman could have been like, "Eff this, singlehood, I choose you." But she wasn't about to give up, because she'd probably never have to deal with that situation again.

"He said he was a great time in bed because it would be like Viagra."She declined and left, forever taking with her the knowledge that it's OK to stop a date if you can tell it's not going to work."I realized starting with the endgame in mind on a first date with a total stranger can be too much." It's not about playing hard to get or trying to be something you're not, but about taking things at a pace that really allows you to see if you're a fit for each other.Even if the traffic was a beast and your egomaniac sister is acting up again, being overly negative on a first date can do more harm than good., out on January 12, Newman has been in just about every first-date situation imaginable, from meeting someone who drastically lied about his age to getting that tingly feeling that something magical was about to happen.Here, she explains 16 different things she learned in the 10 years of dating it took before she met her partner, Dave, in February 2013.

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Newman loves high heels, so she continued wearing them even though they sometimes threw a wrench into things.

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