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SMI reported this to I called HHS Consumer Protection @ , Also , Thank You Dr- Collins I am in Australia and I received the same message as you- Thank you for posting this scam on line- I must be due for one more scam as I received a telephone scam saying they were calling from Microsoft I called this number back from an unregistered prepaid mobile phone- I got a pre-recorded (possibly non-human) message identifying the company as American Coradius International (ACI)- According to the best available research, ACI has been operating as a debt collection agency out of Amherst, NY- There are also many complaints about how they operate outside of FDCPA guidelines This female phoned and stated that she was from Prince Georges Circuit Court and calling on behalf of Brenda somebody who was filing a charge against me- Please return her call , Don't feed into this- It should be a law against this My son has also recieved several calls, all hours day and night, on his cell from this number- He likes to say a few choice words to them: I called them back and got the same middle-eastern message as others have stated- Pressed the option - Left a message stating that if they did call again I was reporting them to the local police- I guess we'll see Robo call saying there is an IRS lawsuit against me to call back before it is sent to courts- Left messages today- ( ) I called back they say IRS - male with heavy accent- I ask who it is and why they are calling me and he asked me who I was- I would not say he would not say He mispronounced VAGINAL once I could understand him- Said he was from Compensation dept and I kept asking from what company , Then he finally put me on the line with a supervisor- I could understand her but it sounded like one of the firms you see on TV,looking for business They have been calling me repeatedly for about a month now- I finally answered a couple of weeks ago, could barely understand the person on the other end but told them I am not interested in anything they are trying to sell me and to quit calling- Last Friday, they called every hour for most of the day- I picked up twice, said "don't call me anymore" and hung up- They have called twice today but only let it ring once before they disconnected- I am going to start blowing a whistle in their ear everytime they call- Maybe that will get them to stop, Spammers trying to sell copier stuff- OBVIOUS TELEMARKETER FRAUD Here is the message from my receptionist: "I received a call from Shawn- He is a part of the Customer Service for the Copier that is in your office- He needs the serial number on the front- However, he hung up before I was able to transfer or get his phone number- His caller ID was ," Caller ID says "DISTRIBUTION SV"- Better Business Bureau has no record on them- California Secretary of State has no record on them- BEWAREThe caller, GEORGIA CALL ( displayed as ID on our - ), called us @ - noon, , FTC suggest us do not answer unwanted call on the spot- I returned the call hiding my name, a man answer & kept asking" Who you are?

" I asked him why he called & what company-" He hung me up-Caller: GEORGIA CALLReceived a call from a company saying they would reduce my mortgage- Don't have a mortgage, so tried to connect to a person to be removed from calling list- When a black male picked up, I said "you simply must stop calling this number-" Said male replied "oh, I am quaking in my boots, I'm so scared of what you'll do if we don't stop calling you-" Wowza- He identified my number, then asked for my name, to which I replied "sorry, you are now on my 'do-not-talk-to list'" and hung up- Twenty minutes later, same auto call, connected to person again (out of curiosity)- Female (anita) - asked for a manager, refused to connect me, then told me she could not transfer a call from that phone line, but gave me the number , to reach a manager- When I connected through, the voicemail box was full- Yeah- Anita gave me a company name of "family first home preservation services," which is clearly bogus- Also a # , Did a * on the original call, and it was a #Scam- It's a recording, not a real person, that says it's the IRS and you need to call them back with payment or you will go to jail.

The bank doesn't even care, I asked to speak with someone in the fraud investigations, and all the agent told me is that she'd be happy to issue me another card- Too bad- They mustlose a lot of money, and we all end up paying Received calls from this number on my cell phone last night at :, :, and :- messages a fax trying to come in, what company faxes people that late at night- Doesn't seem to matter whether you are on the do not call list or not, seems like a bunch of crap You can report them, but most of these calls are spoofed numbers, and some of the scammers are not in the US- But it is a scam and fraud: Its ILLEGAL to ask for money to receive it-Prize Offers: You Don?

t Have to Pay to Playwww-ftc-gov bcp edu pubs consumer telemarketing tel-shtmwww-consumer-ftc-gov scam-alertswww-nwc-org www-ic-gov default-aspxwww-ftccomplaintassistant-gov #&panel-esupport-fcc-gov ccmsforms form-actionwww-consumerfinance-gov complaint Called times all together yesterday at all hours of the day & night- Good thing I have my phone set on meeting and never was bothered by it except when I checked for missed calls- Picked up a couple of the calls trying to see who it was but they either hung up or said nothing- They don't leave messages and i don't know what they want- Will just keep phone on silent for a few days- Don't care much for calls like this- Haha GOT A TEXT STATING: GOOGLE ID # YOUR ACCOUNT HAS BEEN COMPROMISED BY HACKERS- WE NEED TO CALL YOU TO VERIFY YOUR IDENTITY- REPLY TO THIS MESSAGE WITH 'READY' WHEN YOU ARE READY TO TAKE THE CALL- DID NOT RESPOND TO TEXT- IM NOT EVEN SURE THAT I HAVE A GOOGLE ACCOUNTgot a call from this number, caller ID said , but the message left was some fake name, but they knew my name- call back number on the message was , and some local number she gave but purposely garbled up the last few digits- nice try on their part this is definitely a collection agency whom uses very underhanded methods I've received calls on my cell from , which up until today I have not answered- The call I answered today was a "robot" voice requesting to speak with "Julie Jumbo"- If I wasn't "Julie Jumbo" I was to press #- I'm not "Julie Jumbo" and hung up- A few minutes later I dialed the number displayed on my cell phone and a person named Michael answered- I requested the company name and he told me West Asset Management which I have since learned is a collection agency- I assured him I wasn't "Julie Jumbo" and he asked if I knew her- I don't- He told me he would delete my phone number from the list- I hope this is the case- The only debt I carry is my home loan which is paid ahead by six months- I thought initially it was a prank call and hope it's that innocentcalled me and said he was from the anti fraud center and that I really did win the , and for me to pay the insurance money to have it sent to me they got me once but not again and another phone number for them is , they say they are the AQmerican sweepstakes network and want to send you your winnings Its Capital accounts collecting on a debt- called looking for my sister and started asking me for personal information on her- Told them they are violating FDCPA by asking me and they hung up- Don't give them any information Called twice more today: : PDT, when I was away from my desk (left no message) and again just after : PDT, when I was at my desk-In the second call, I said "If there was no one by that name here when I told you that yesterday, why do you think there would be someone by that name here today?

Please call TOLL FREE for IMMEDIATE assistance now at , Before you close this window it is strongly advised that you call now for assistance at , Browser: Fireox IP: , Note: later received identical message, but with , Got a call from "Alice White" with a heavy Indian accent, with the same story as above- Knowing it was a scam I said I was busy and could I have a number to call back- The number she gave me was , I asked where area code was and she said Albany, NY- Area code is in New Jersey- The caller ID just said out of area Keeps calling at all times of day, and even at work, even after being asked to stop several times- If you pick up, its an automated machine- Are they even allowed to do that?

I thought a human had to pick up Got messages from this number today: one for being a secret shopper- respond to , one for a gift card, respond to , I'm certain they don't have any response to me replying "stop" except to confirm I'm real- I'm blocking the number hereafterthese clowns are trying to reach a deadbeat brother and have been told repeatedly to not call my number that no one by that name lives here I record their phone numbers, name and date of call- Additionally, I record all phone calls and tell them not to call again or I will consider any further calls harassment and sue them for damages as well as turn them over to the prosecuting attorney Called my cell phone in mid-July, - The male caller asked for me by name even though I did not recognize the number- I heard a bunch of noise in the background and the guy hung up- Never said who he was or where he was calling from- I blocked the number after that Received a message about : this morning from a 'female?

telaine Tech State Province : GE Tech Postal Code : Tech Country : CH Tech Phone : - Tech Email : email Billing Name : Quentin Bailat Billing Street : av Henri-Golay Billing City : Ch?Got a call from this number- They did not identify their self but just asked for someone by first name- Bla, Bla- When I told them I do not know how to contact the person, they said they would remove my number from their list- This is undoubtedly a debt collector I received a call from this number and they had dialed the wrong number didn't offer to sell me anything, but I thought I should post this up- Cincinnati Car Insurancefreecincinnaticarinsurancequotes-org Montgomery Road Cincinnati, OH These are debt collectors, among other things, not a law firm- They've been trying to collect from me for months for a vendor that I have never used in my life- I made the mistake of calling them back- The information that they are debt collectors came out "as required by law,must inform you that this is an attempt to collect a debt- Please call ," Somehow they have both my office number and cell number, which only my bank has- I finally reported them to my state AG, since calling at the office is illegal in my home state- I couldn't even find a website, but they call from a whole slew of number- Some of the posters here have gotten soliciting calls from other numbers, but the firm is Connelly, Cohen, and Crane-Google it, and you'll get a wealth of information on these con artists, as well as current scams You are called by this number several times without anyone one communicating to you- I called the number back and a recording came on that allows you to leave a message or Press "" to be removed from the calling list- No company name is stated or other information given- This is a generic outgoing message Fine if they are looking to renew but they found my number which is easy enough- They have my email and obviously my address but were never told they could contact me by phone land or cell so that's bs- And btw not renewing cause you doubled the subscription for Vanity Fair which is all ads anyway This is part of a trend in telemarketing to fool people into thinking they are speaking to a human - but it is really a computer- If you ask this recording if it is 'human' it will laugh and say - oh no, im a person - or 'I apologize, i actually have a slight cold today' - or a few different canned phrases- TOTALLY CREEPY - A COMPUTER THAT LIES, - several calls have been made to a private unlisted # that is on a do not call list- I called Kay Jewelers back to advise them that the person they're looking for is not at the number they're calling and the calls are disturbing me at work- The calls continue to happen and I called them back again today and was told they would put a note in the system to stop the calls, however that's what I was told prior to the calls from them after that A man called last night from this number , asking for Marcella Trout, a name that lots of people ask for when they call our number: debt collectors and telemarketers alike- I told the man that he had the wrong number and to please take this number off their list to call- He said "Ma'am, I don't know what you are smoking, but we don't have any list, so go back to what you were smoking-" This number was on the caller id & I called it back & heard their message, it was Environmental Products, their hours are - Mon-Thurs & Fri , I just tried to call again and got the same message- I did not leave a message- I hope this is being reported and investigated- There should be consequences for this man to talk like that to anyone I got a call from this old lady every Friday claiming to be calling her daughter- Either this person is totally blind or just freaking annoying- Every Friday I have to cuss her a out but she continue to call- I've pleaded and begged her to stop calling and she refuses- So, I started calling back several time to annoy her I've received calls from them on Sept th @ :pm, Sept th @ :pm, and today (Sept th @ )- I didn't answer any of the calls and they didn't leave a voicemail- I tried sending back a text to ask "Who is this? Microsoft or a different famous software company, or one of their agents did NOT cold call you to fix your computer-? The IRS will snailmail you, rather than phone you, if there is a problem-? If you Vanilla Card, Money Gram or Western Union money to a scammer, the money is gone-?" All I received was a text from " " stating " Error Invalid Number- Please re-send using a valid digit mobile number or valid short code- Who is this? You should beware of Geeks bearing gifts, specially if the gift is a wooden horse with termites, or a statement that your computer is infected-?Safelink number that woman answers and gets messages for me . Caller is using this number to contact roofing contractors, sending them out to property to do a bid for a roof on property in El Cajon, California, that they do not own- They sent contractors out to my listing yesterday- Despicable and disgusting behavior- They send text messages through this land line- Get a life and a job I just received a call from this number- Some lady from "American Express Open" asking for information- I told her I'm not authorized to give out information over the phone- Had to tell her twice before she hung up- There was a continual beep on the line, like it was being recorded Left message on machine- Referred to tax evasion and do not disregard this call an arrest was soon if o call back- Very broken English probably from India, much static on line-tax accountant assured that the IRS never calls about this- This is a SCAMThey said they were American Express OPEN wanting to update their contact information for my business- She did have the correct business name- They said they were verifying information- I asked them if they were recording the conversation, she apologized and hung upgot a robo call Stating they where the IRS and the issues were time sensitive and I could have my property and bank account under risk and that the state was investigating our address When I called and said that they had called me they hung up- They called back at : A-M- but didn't leave a message These calls are from Freedomworks, and they are relentless At first, they were calling once a day- Today, they've called twice- We have caller ID and don't answer the phone- Our house phone allows us to block up to numbers, and I blocked this one tonight Called with- Heavy India accent said he was calling from Washington, DC and my phone # was selected to receive from the US government that I don't have to pay back- I may have been born on a Wednesday but it wasn't this Wednesday- This was the third call I got on my cell phone and getting extremely annoyedreceived call from same - , - all matches the other writers - left msg on my home phone stating I must have filled out a blue form and sent it in or filled it out at a local mall (note I haven't filled out any forms or sweepstakes)and that I had won a prize valued at over and they needed to reveiw tax information- Said I had possibly won a Lincoln Navigator and wished me luck with the vehicle- Mentioned to return the call to Mike Livingston-I am going to call just to put the information here - otherwise I wouldn't bother- Rang - machine answered as the verification department, stated date and stated that I should leave my phone number for a return call back- Right - whatever- This is a ploy as I know that if you leave your phone number you are technically giving them permission to call you- Nice try- Hung upgotten several calls from this number with all kinds of business the last one they stated that the name of the company was Sprong,a male enhancement company acording to the asian with the really bad english on the other end I told them that I was breaking up and to call my cell phone,then I gave them the number, He stated he would call me back- I wish I could be a fly on his wall when he finds out the number was for the Denver Office of the Secret Service Fraud unit, See how they like them apples I received calls from this number several times and always declining it since I didn't recognize the number- Finally an automated message was left stating the call was about a personal matter to do with my Macy's AMX account- I googled number and noticed many others had complaints about same number- I simply "blocked" the number on my phone- I'll no longer receive annoying messages from the scam company I explained to the callers (whom I was transferred to when the first caller got nowhere) that I was not interested, the idiot asked me if I were an American???? It is illegal to ask for money for a loan or prize, before awarding the loan or prize?how did she know my name anthony j bachus like on credit cards and debit cards. and he wanted me state out loud that I didn't want more money- Of course, he was difficult to understand, but I didn't ask- It took ten minutes and finally I hung up on him- These people are arrogant and extremely pushy,he started saying something like, I have your address as (,) and your phone number and I will send you out the information- So much for the do not call list Same thing here- This Texas phone number (,) rings, we answer, and there's no answer- I'm concerned, I try to call back, and a voice comes on to say "Either the number you dialed is not a working number, or the number must be dialed with the correct area code plus seven digits-" How can this be "not a working number"? "Free Trips" are loaded with mandatory & costly extras, and you usually must give them your card number after listening to a loooong spiel at a hotel-?

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" I asked him what company he was calling from- He said, "you can't tell me what your company does?

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