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Personal ads, speed-dating, meetups, singles groups, including blind dates and fix ups. Make a point to experience new people and surroundings on a regular basis. Occasionally he may want to leave me on someone elses doorstep…LOL!The only limitations are safety, vetting and listening to one’s instincts. However, there is good hard WORK required in ANY relationship.In the beginning, I was a bit curious to find out what his reaction would be upon learning of my book & blog.To my surprise there was not ONE IOTA of resentment or discord over it.As well, she encourages marriage for Black women to high quality men regardless of race.Because Cherilyn practices what she preaches, it is not at all surprising that she took her own advice, and that of similarly minded bloggers. Surprisingly on the “Plenty Of Fish” (POF) dating site. I know for some that may be a little soon but it felt RIGHT.Did you face skeptics and criticism from friends and/or family about your marriage? I’ve had a couple of scoffers on the ‘Internets’ make rogue comments because my husband has brown skin.

And fulfilling her dreams, Cherilyn employed a variety of means to seek her soul mate including online dating sites. She met and married a quality man who won her heart and love. After ending an engagement in 2006, the difference was clear. July 2nd, 2009 Wow that probably still seems like yesterday. And since you met online, you are a testament to how online dating can and does work. Do not allow others (especially if they are lacking in their own lives or have a vested interest in Black women being single) to prevent you from getting out there.Do you attribute or connect some of it to negative images of blacks from slavery or something else?I attribute these trends to the following: -Ignorance -Fear of the unknown -A false perception of superiority or inferiority.Unfortunately, no one group has a monopoly on this.But we must also be aware of these tactics in order to avoid its pitfalls.

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