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In Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, you could override form methods.

In the current version, you use extensions to implement event handlers that are called from the base implementations of form methods.

This allows the definition of state variables accessible to form and control event handlers.

It also allows overriding form methods without overlayering code. You can create a table extension to extend a table's design and logic.

The display and edit method modifiers are supported on table extensions.

In order to customize metadata and source code of a model, the developer must create a new model that overlays the model they want to customize.

For example, solution developers can provide code in the SLN layer, independent software vendors can use the ISV layer, and value-added resellers can use the VAR layer.

Functionality defined in higher layers (VAR layer in this example) can override the functionality of lower layers.

The overlaying model must belong to the same Package as the source model and belong to a layer that is higher than the source model.

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