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I feel like I should have only paid 400 for the one introduction. Then the company blames me for the failure to fill the contract.

I resent this company for failing people like me miserably.

And since that match was declined, we have been in touch with [redacted] with an alternate match.

As always, feel free to contact me directly if you have any further questions in reference to this complaint.

We are determined to have the same success with [redacted] that her friend had that referred her to our service.

In fact, we recently offered [redacted] an introduction, which she declined because of her allergy to cats.

You will be blamed for not being marketable and they will take your money anyway AND send you to collections rather than let the revenue go. Desired Settlement: If options could not have provided me the services after the many complaints that I had, they should have released me from the remaining amount of the contract when they reported me to collections like two years ago at 1195. I had to pay the balance of my contract or lose my job.

i tried to buy a car and saw this on my credit recently. I would have never paid the remaining balance had they not threatened to fire me over it.

We have every intention, now that her membership is paid in full, to fulfill our contractual obligation for the remaining four introductions.

They promptly got back to me with some contacts that were not quite right.

I was introduced to someone and started and stopped dating that person.

Review: I saw on my credit report recently that Options Dating Service had reported me as having a bad credit history with them. I have had more than my share of frustration with this company and it seems never ending. I have never had such a bad experience with a service oriented business in my life.

I live an alternative lifestyle and was seeking help with finding quality people for partnership in my area. I decided to call and get some information about what contracting with them would offer me.

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We had reached out to [redacted] several times, in an attempt to work something out, but she repeatedly ignored our calls.

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