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The population estimates according to the 1953 census were approximately 448,422 residents.The population consisted of 34% urban and 66% rural, making Pinar del Río the province with the most rural population in Cuba.The three blue stripes are the symbols of the original three provinces.The triangle is a masonic symbol, here signifying liberty, equality and fraternity.In the division toward the left, there are pictures of mountains, rivers, the valley and most evident a Royal Palm Tree, the national tree of Cuba - graceful and elegant - representing the rich soil that Cuba has been blessed with.The Province of Pinar del Río is located on the extreme western part of Cuba.The first version says that the Venezuelan general Narciso López, made in 1848 the first serious attempt to help Cuba break away from Spanish rule.He carried 'La Estrella Solitaria' -'The Lone Star'-banner, Cuba's present flag.

His attempt was not successful; only in 1902 Cuba became an independent republic and López's flag was adopted as the official flag.

It has an area of 13,500 square kilometers (5,400 square miles), occupying approximately 12% of the entire Island of Cuba.

Pinar del Río is the fourth largest province of Cuba.

The caciques or Indian chiefs from Marién, Guaniguanico and Guanahacabibes established Pinar del Río.

It was originally called "Vuelta Abajo" with its capital dating back to 1571.

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And so it was: Three light blue stripes, later changed to ocean blue, representing Cuba's three sections at the time, Western, Central and Eastern.

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