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The first option is getting yourself on a Jewish-only dating site.

The advantage of a site like this is that (almost) every member is Jewish, and they allow you to see more detailed Jewish info, such as what type of Judaism they practice (Reform, Conservative, Traditional, Orthodox, etc.), whether your potential match keeps kosher, how often they go to shul, etc.

In that way, the Jewish movers have avoided the amount of suspicion they might have been exposed to if they came from slightly different ethnic or religious communities. The few Jewish families already present on Canvey Island will be joined by others.

The Jewish community will expand and, as in Stamford Hill, become totally self-sufficient.

So you’re getting this from as close to the “horse’s mouth” as you can get.

For the ultra-Orthodox, though, this is exacerbated by the fact that they often have large families, with up to seven or more children.

This means not only that they need large properties, but also that those children in turn have large families and so the need for lots of housing in the same area is in great demand.

Increasing attention is being given to what seems the most bizarre of alliances in 2018 England.

It concerns the decision of some 100 ultra-Orthodox Jewish families who are currently living in Stamford Hill to move away from a part of north London where their families have lived for several decades.

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The decision to select Canvey Island in Essex as a venue for establishing an offshoot of the community makes sense in various ways: it is not too far away from their existing base, so they can maintain contact with the families they are leaving behind; house prices are low; and it is a scenic stretch of the Essex coast.

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