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But if she can’t deal with having her every move scrutinized, she shouldn’t have become a celebrity. If she doesn’t like it, she can become a fry cook or a flight attendant or a neurosurgeon. So if Natalie insists on dressing sexy to show off her nice figure, she can’t be too surprised when men want to get a premature sampling of the merchandise. I am saying that dressing sexy has that effect on men.

If you don’t want to have that effect on men…don’t dress sexy. And when you’re showing off your curves, Natalie, you’re bringing sex to the forefront of men’s minds and giving them the hope that they can convince you to break your rules.

That she's threatening your life is enough reason to divorce her and make sure she doesn't set eyes on your kids after a paternity test confirmation they're yours. What you need is legal counsel and your lawyer is in the best situation to help with that.

Your story isn't adding up first you made it sound like she spends some time in her patents house now you telling us she's been there for 2 years bro we need the full gist......i wouldn't wanna believe you haven't done anything to her Sorry to tell you this, but the chance that those children are not yours is very high.

The money u suffered to get is what you presented to her as luxury. You shd have asked for advise while dating her, not now.(1)You should conduct a DNA test for those children if you have d chance asap.

I have never let her use the bus or public transport to anywhere, it's either I drive her, she drives or a taxi.

A few months to her passing out, she told me she was pregnant, so I thought I would marry her and cut the drama short, but that was my undoing.

I’ve not seen the way this woman dresses so I can’t comment on the particular case, but surely a woman should be allowed to have her own sense of style and wear clothes that make her feel confident, without having men pounce on her at every turn.

In some countries, having uncovered arms or face is seen as a sign that the woman is asking for sex and I’ve even heard some men in such countries say that if a woman is out on her own after dark she deserves to be raped.

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