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It is possible to use various services such as Microsoft's Outlook Web App through Office 365 with your own domain name while having Host Gator host your website.

In this example, mail is routed to Microsoft and is then displayed in the Outlook Web App, but website visitors will see your site on Host Gator's servers.

ACM automatically renews your certificate as long as the certificate is in use and your CNAME record remains in place.

In addition, if you use Amazon Route 53 to create your domain, ACM can write the CNAME records for you.

You add the CNAME records to your DNS database only once.

If Route 53 is not your DNS provider, contact your provider to find out how to delete the record.

Microsoft offers a product called Office 365, which provides many services such as web based email accounts.

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Before the Amazon certificate authority (CA) can issue a certificate for your site, AWS Certificate Manager (ACM) must verify that you own or control all of the domain names that you specified in your request.

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