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I told her what had happened with her mom but she told me not to worry.

I wanted to fuck her so bad, it had been weeks since the last time, but she was worried her mother would catch us.

Once her tight vagina had got used to my hard cock she began to slide up and down on his shaft, riding me in cowgirl position, fucking herself harder and harder.

My girlfriend had a surprise for me, her mom wasn’t there and she wanted me to meet her.

I had already started off on the wrong foot with her, the last thing I needed was for her to catch me banging her daughter, but I was too fucking turned on, so I took my chances! She got down on her hands and knees and let me pulled her shorts aside, exposing her sexy cotton panties. She took the shorts off, pulled her damp panties aside again, and parted her legs so I had a good view of her pussy. My naughty girlfriend started masturbating in front of me, rubbing her succulent pussy lips with her finger and fondling her clit.

Especially when my sexy blond girlfriend lifted her top and started teasing me with her beautiful titties. She looked so fucking hot while playing with her naked pussy!

“Ohhhhhhhh yeah, that’s right, fuck me harder” Nothing could ruin this moment, well, except maybe for her mom knocking on the door! THE SEXIEST GIRLS CAUGHT FUCKING IN AMATEUR, POV, RISKY, SNEAKY, CHEATING SEX SCENES: I managed to hide behind the bed just in time as she opened the door and left some stuff for her daughter.

If she would have seen a naked and fucking it would have been all hell breaking loose.

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After greeting her, my girlfriend went to fetch me a glass of cold water, leaving me all along with her mom.

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