Polygamist dating meaning

That rigor of delivery led to a much slower recovery than I was used to. Every thought and emotion I had conflicted with another.I didn't want Joe anywhere near me; I was upset when he stayed away.

I was a grueling ten days overdue when labor began, and it was the roughest delivery I'd ever experienced. I'd go to my closet to get dressed while the baby slept and end up on the floor crying for long periods of time.

I was extremely excited at the prospect of once more being a mother to a newborn.

My relationship with Joe was at an all-time high, and my interactions with Alina and Val flowed easily. But something felt off right from the start of this pregnancy.

We've created a marriage that is a true collaboration, which ensures that our opinions are valued, our needs met, and our lives tightly linked together.

Living the way we do, all in one house, can be stressful, no doubt about it.

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I knew something was wrong with me, but I was unable to accept any help or advice from my well-meaning mother, sisters, and sister wives.

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