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Standing there was the same young woman he had seen in the Old City. When the problems are larger than minor inconveniences – i.e. You said, "If a billionaire father handed over unlimited cash on a silver platter, his child would grow up spoiled and irresponsible."But that's not right, God is like a billionaire father sitting back and watching his children getting beaten and raped but not allowing his armed guards to stop it. but i appreciatie what god does to me whatever happens, i have alot of fights with my bf, so i think god wants me to break up with him. and what do I get nothing but more stress and more pain. This article helped me realize what I need to do and made me feel better about being rejected because I know now i hav to figure out why by asking God. Hi, I'm a Christian from Australia and I am going through a very hard time at the moment, a separation and some incredible financial stress. I also have a resume that works with jobs not in my field. Please help me to pray for answers of complete, undeniable clarity. I want my husband too give our marriage a chance and fully commit too me & love me like the day we were married. Amen Hi Rabbi Noah, I was born a Christian, my father was a Reverend until he died, my mother (also a Christian) is the biggest problem in my life, I love her, she is my mother and only family i have left.

He made his way over to her and said: FIVE TOOLS OF BEING SINCERE WITH GOD Tool #1: Expect The Good Anticipate that God wants to help you. an auto accident or financial stress, then God is calling out to you on a different level. He's not trying to not spoil us, he's just not active in our lives at all. like a few other people, i don't pray, but i talk to him and ask him why i want that wish and whats good for both of us. My husband who used to be able to save money before we married, now is having to give me money since social security disability won't pay for gasoline. I have been praying to God like you would not believe but have not felt any answer to prayer. I pray twice a day and talk to God all the time, but I receive no answer to my prayer. I dont it back and hope something will hppen, I work hard at it all. I love my life with him with all my heart and would love too be with him until death do us part. I have always been in bad situations all my life, never fitting in anywhere i go, always the odd person around, I lost my job 2 months ago as an IT technician, possible soon to be homeless.

And if He already knows what we want, why is prayer necessary in the first place? In fact, part of genuine love for your children is to allow them to branch out on their own, to be independent.

The Infinite Love Even those who stay far from a synagogue intuit the existence of God. If we were just robots, mechanically following every instruction, the world might be neat and tidy.

Anything that you could ask Him for is infinitesimally small compared to what He has already given to you. By not answering you, God is telling you that you've got a problem, that you need to change. Because if He wouldn't do that, we'd just remain stuck in our illusions, unclear on the idea that God can do it all. There is something deep within yourself that you need to rectify. Once I was riding my motorcycle up a winding mountain road. Prayer is not a magic button to escape that process. i hope it will come out and i'm going to pray someday. My doctors are worried Medicare won't pay them so to get treatment, my husband had to promise to pay 00 if Medicare won't pay. When I have read answers on many Christian websites to try to understand why I feel as though I am being met by God's silence they all say much the same thing that I have not been showing enough faith or God answers prayers in His own way or in His own time, you just have to wait. I want to thank you for these words of wisdom above i hope to pass it on to someone in need. I have been unemployed for over five years, I receive no assistance, people avoide me like a disease. When I had a job I donated to charity to help children's and pray for them. Thanks, Errol God wants us to work towards solving our problems. I have prayed and prayed for a job, I graduated from college a year ago, and I am constantly applying for jobs. My car insurance is overdue, and I can't pay my bills. I am worried because I also have a car payment and I have to have a car. All my life is am used to prayers and praying, so my question is that, why is my life still the same, problems still and always compiling , since last year explosive problems with my mother until now and so on, too many to elaborate here, basically i feel like i am cursed.

If you don't expect the good, God is not going to invade your space. You're 22-years-old and driving through Manhattan in rush hour in the middle of July. A truck came around a curve and swerved into my lane. My bike landed between two rocks, which acted like shock absorbers and cushioned the impact. Just this one time, let me find a dollar bill." Many times the Almighty sends us what we truly need, but we don't recognize it because we haven't done the work of clarifying our needs! By compelling us to make an effort, God gives us the means to truly grow. I had and unusually rough weekend due to family issues. The family issue was one of those 40 year ones....unanswered. I am really thankful to have stumbled across this article as it has helped me understand many things about prayer. What more does He want after nearly 20 years of chronic pain. He added problems with my eyes giving me facial and eye spasms. None of these answers have seemed satisfactory to me but then I read the explanation offered by Rabbi Weinberg and it seems to make much more sense to me. How can I really be sure the He is helping me at times it feels like i'm being punished. may all ur prayers be answered as i give u my blessings. if its related to job we need to increase our skills, if related to family then talk more spend more time do more things with family. I found yoru website while doing a ggogle search for "why some people prayers are not answered" so after reading your article , i just decided to write Blessed are those that get hear and their prayers answered..

These blessings remind us of how deeply God loves us. So too, if God gave us everything automatically, we may never define for ourselves what we want in life. We can choose to move away from God – and He will let us do that.The HRZ Kit (Isoniazid Rifampicin Pyrazinamide) from Unilab was less than 500 the last time I bought, so that was last year.A kid can consume 1 to 2 ((HRZ kit) as you can save a lot than buying the medicine per bottle.Just as a parent fulfills a child's request, so too God answers prayers.The Infinite Genius Who created every molecule on this earth, can alter the course of existence in order to answer your prayer.

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