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"I think they just put it all out there, and ultimately I would hope they felt free after they did."Following a lackluster 95-92 loss to Portland at home on Saturday, Walton said he noticed players "pouting" on the bench, and center Andrew Bogut said "guys are frustrated." The respected veteran cited injuries, rotations and how "everyone knows what is going on with the salary-cap situation next season" -- a reference to next summer, when the franchise hopes to land two superstar free agents and will try to create cap space to accommodate two potential max contracts."We just really had a heart-to-heart," Kuzma said. Randle came into the season unhappy with his role coming off the bench, but he still played inspired and motivated, becoming one of the Lakers' key players.

While he has finished several games in place of Lopez before the starting center injured his ankle, Randle has seen his minutes fluctuate recently based on game flow and Walton looking to send his power forward a message.

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-- Frustrated with losing, team roles and the uncertainty that next summer holds for the franchise, the Los Angeles Lakers held a team meeting to air out their issues.

I want him to feel and realize the difference in those nights as part of his growth as a player.""We want him running. Only time can tell," Ingram said, when he was asked if the team meeting helped.

"Hopefully, we think about what we said to each other, what we said to the coaches, and that the coaches have listened to what we said.

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The Lakers (11-22), who have lost four straight and seven of their last eight entering Friday's game against the Clippers, held the "heart-to-heart" meeting in place of practice on Thursday.

Lakers coach Luke Walton, who was peppered with questions about the team meeting before the game, said a big reason for the meeting was to do something productive during practice with so many Lakers players injured."It was a long meeting, we talked about a lot of stuff," Walton said.

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