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He also has a tendency to panic when he's frightened.In the 1960s, family members and I often hunted deer in the Wheeler Peak area of White Pine County.Otherwise, Great research and synthesis of ideas and sources to draw your conclusions and questions. However when we compare this narrative to the Biblical account of creation Genesis 2: He scolds Prometheus in all of his appearances but is usually driven away by Monkey.Firstly, according to the Bible the earth is not nearly that old.Currey found a tree in this grove he believed to be well over 4,000 years old.This tree was known by local mountaineers as Prometheus.In fact the Monkey displays more intelligence than Bob.Wikia is a free-to-use site that makes money from advertising.

There is a good chance there are older bristlecone pines that have not yet been dated.

But returning to the subject of this post, lets examine the opening introduction for the show…. Although only one clip was shown above, there are multiple episodes where Prometheus attempts to teach Bob some skill or craft — Here are just Ad blocker interference detected!

The monkey usually pops in while Prometheus tries to teach Bob.

According to ancient Greek myths, Prometheus was an immortal who brought fire to humans.

Prometheus, the Bristlecone Pine, also imparted a lot of knowledge to humans.

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They have many tricks that help them survive, like growing in twisted shapes at high altitude, and an adaptation called “sectored architecture”.

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