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For this piece, the original arrangement for flutes and piccolos is scored for MIDI marimba and xylophone.The natural duration of the notes was shortened in order to maintain the clarity of the composition, but the piece still shares a sonic kinship with "Six Marimbas." Triple Quartet is another beautiful offering from Steve Reich.In their performances each member will play many instruments, sometimes moving across the stage, going from one instrument to another in mid-song.Before adopting the name amiina the group was initially a string quartet dating back to the late 1990s when they were studying string instruments at the Reykjavík College of Music.It was a work which the band started in 2009 and was released as an EP in June 2013, distributed by Morr Music.These songs were recorded in their original arrangements for a quartet.amiina's long-standing fondness for light melodies and open-minded instrumentation, however, continued.In 2009 amiina started to perform their original soundtracks to pioneering German filmmaker Lotte Reiniger's 1930's silhouette animations of the timeless fairy tales Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and Aladdin.

The songs on Puzzle are more rhythmically rugged than previous work and feature heavier use of electronics.

Originally inspired by Bela Bartok's Fourth Quartet, the movements alternate fast, slow, and fast, with thick contrapuntal melodies rising and falling throughout.

"Electric Guitar Phase" began life as "Violin Phase" in 1967.

For this version, Dominic Frasca plays four electric guitar parts designed to set up phasing patterns.

The initial melody (which almost sounds like the intro to a Van Halen tune) is doubled on a second guitar, then gradually sped up so that the second guitar winds up one eighth note ahead of the original melody.

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