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The mucus-like contents of the veins were then mixed together and spread on silk or linen.

Prussian blue was formed from prussite of potash and iron salt, making it one of the earliest known chemical dyes.See Natural dyes can be sorted into three categories: natural dyes obtained from plants (indigo), those obtained from animals (cochineal), and those obtained from minerals (ocher).Although some fabrics such as silk and wool can be colored simply by being dipped in the dye, others such as cotton, require a mordant.It was extracted from a small gastropod mollusk found in all seas or from a crustacean called a Trumpet Shell or Purple Fish, found near Tyre on the Mediterranean coast.Their body secreted a deep purple fluid which was harvested by cracking the shell and digging out a vein located near the shellfish head with a small pointed utensil.

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