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In 1973 Sheetz added self-service gas pumps to all new locations. I did so and when she went to drink it the tea was UNSWEETENED and I DID get it from the correct SWEETENED machine. I have had problems with this particular cashier in the past treating my sister and I like we are not welcome in the store.

By 1983 Sheetz had 100 stores and Bob decided it was time to retire. In 1995 Bob’s son, Stan Sheetz, became president of the company and Steve graduated to Chairman of the Board. The company began selling their own brand of cola, It! This is NOT the first this has happened at this store. Of course I was not running back to town as the machine didn’t have the correct tea in it. We spend a lot of money at sheetz and it is the only place we purchase gas from but I will not be returning to this store again.

This guy decided that this life motto is not for him and went all out munching on camera.

Wonder if this put his political career in jeopardy at all.

Unfortunately, many commuters were complaining later that evening that this route home wasn’t the fastest one.

A professional newscaster would never let background noise or painful accidents affect the broadcast – after all, the only thing that’s important is delivering news to the public. Ah, what would we regular people not do to appear on live television! Corporate life is never easy, especially when they don’t tell you in advance that there is going to be a live broadcast happening right in the middle of the office that afternoon! We’d have absolutely no questions if this news broadcast was live from New York; it seems like the kind of place where people would walk around giving out free hugs.

looks like these guys will have to queue all over again.

You know what they say – act in life as though cameras are following you around 24/7.

We hope we’ll never have to find out, but Theodore here knows first hand. This journalist just wanted to report some sports news in peace – why is that too much to ask for?!

He may not have paid much attention to the vibrations in the moment, but it must have left a buzzing in his ear for the next day or two at least.

The store was so successful that Bob hired his brother Steve to come and work for him.

In 1963 he opened his second store under the name of Sheetz Kwik Shopper and in 1968 the third. William Cullison #6277558617753736 Reply The sheetz in Roanoke Rapids is the worst I have ever visited.

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