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The difference between 99.9 and 100 is the difference between “frequently eaten by lions” and “has to pass anti-poaching laws to prevent all lions from being wiped out”.

Worse, the reasons we humans aren’t more intelligent are really stupid. If you want to get all anthropomorphic about it, you’re just “telling” evolution that intelligence is something it should be selecting for.

If you were to invent a sort of objective zoological IQ based on amount of evolutionary work required to reach a certain level, complexity of brain structures, etc, you might put nematodes at 1, cows at 90, chimps at 99, homo erectus at 99.9, and modern humans at 100.

(Remember, it took all of human history from Mesopotamia to 19th-century Britain to invent a vehicle that could go as fast as a human. Google Maps has a relatively simple task (plot routes between Point A and Point B), has been perfected over the course of years by the finest engineers at Google, has been ‘playtested’ by tens of millions of people day after day, and still occasionally does awful things like suggest you drive over the edge of a deadly cliff, or tell you to walk across an ocean and back for no reason on your way to the corner store.

But after that it only took another four years to build one that could go twice as fast as a human.) If there’s a hard takeoff, Open AI’s strategy stops being useful. Humans have a robust neural architecture, to the point where you can logically prove that what they’re doing is suboptimal and they’ll shrug and say they they’re going to do it anyway.

The world’s uranium sources were few enough that a single nation or coalition could get a monopoly upon them; the specter of atomic despotism seemed more worrying than ever.

They got their physicists working overtime and discovered a new type of nuke that required no uranium at all.

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So in 1920, these elites pooled their resources and made their own Manhattan Project.

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