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Not in a faux-religious way that boasts acceptance while shamelessly turning people who are different away. I love his shoulders when they push against his shirt as he picks up our son.

But in an authentic way that allows us to be intimate and raise a son in an environment that encourages an exchange of information between two parties who are notoriously unable to co-exist. And I love him when we argue about politics, because it makes us better people, together and apart.

The fact that his mother was able to provide a good life for him as a single, working parent is why he disagrees with numerous social programs.He was, and continues to be, supportive, understanding, and quick to argue for every woman's right to choose.But as much as I appreciate my partner's views on reproductive rights, I equally appreciate his views on foreign policy — a contentious topic in our house.Despite our differences, we love and respect each other because I value my partner's opinion and he values mine, even, and especially, when we don't agree.I know enough about him — his upbringing, his unique life experiences — to understand how his political views have been shaped.

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