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Helen Fisher, a biological anthropologist who’s Chief Scientific Advisor for Match.“It’s a strong individualism that hook-up culture represents,” agrees Wade.Having grown up amid media-driven threats of terrorism and economic crises, Generation Z is already a collective bag of nerves; 72% worry about terrorism, 64% are concerned about climate change, and 72% are already agonising over the debts they’ll face in the future.Insights and opportunities While over a third of Wade’s respondents actively opted not to participate, and many struggled with following through on promises of ‘emotionless sex’, not all of Wade’s findings are damning.“The core idea is that students should want to engage in casual sex that has no emotional significance,” explains Wade.“To participate, students have to perform disinterest in an effort to demonstrate to their sexual partners and the wider community that they aren't emotionally invested.

Hinge, Bumble and Coffee Meets Bagel also have respective average ages of 27, 26 and 30, suggesting that a lot of people who are using these apps aren’t actually students.The phrase ‘catching feelings’ has become commonplace in meme copy, suggesting that emotions are as unwanted and inconvenient as the common cold.So in order to fit in, the students Wade studied were often feigning disinterest.An uncertain world In the context of the hook-up cultures Wade has researched, the prospect of an emotion-free sex life – even one that’s repressed – might seem, at the very least, to be a simple existence. “One of the students I interviewed after she graduated from college said that she felt like there was ‘no ground beneath her feet’,” says Wade, “because she never knew which script was being used by her partner, or when the script might flip.” Wade uses the term ‘script’ to refer to the sets of behaviours and rules that are followed by the participants in any culture. It’s very confusing.” Perhaps this could help to explain the 40 million American adults who suffer with some kind of anxiety disorder.“When you have both a dating app like OKCupid and a hook-up app like Tinder, you’re dealing with two competing scripts,” she explains as an example, ”These are scripts about what people are expected to be doing without one another.” And if every channel via which people interact involves a different ‘script’ or set of behavioural rules, it makes sense that, both on campus and off, there’s a growing sense of confusion and uncertainty around how people are supposed to interact with each other – romantically, and otherwise. Because, as a species, humans don’t do particularly well with uncertainty – especially not in a post-internet world.

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The internet has transformed sex beyond recognition, but whether this change is for the better or worse is still open to discussion.

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