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Brimming with energy and a complete delight in front of the camera, Saqib is instrumental in making this journey enjoyable.Nishant Dahiya has the looks and the persona and also does what’s required from him. A complete natural, she takes to the character like a fish takes to water. Little do they know that the person they totally hate in real life is the same person they’ve fallen in love with online.Director Nupur Asthana, who has several cult shows to her credit, helms this youth film with dexterity.If Rahul [Nishant Dahiya], the rockstar, has got the voice and the looks, Vishal [Saqib Saleem], the writer, has the brains.

First and foremost, it’s set against the backdrop of a social networking site [Facebook], which makes it very contemporary, a film of today.

The dialogue are sharp and smart, something that you expect from a youth movie.

Unlike most love stories that get melodramatic and sentimental after a point, this one does the balancing act well.

Set in a college campus, Vishal with pal Hacky (Prabal Panjabi) are up to pranks with fellow classmates.

These initial scenes are a direct rip-off from the Hollywood film The Social Network.

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