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When some of the patients were able to go into town, not surprisingly they would attract attention[..]The people of Basingstoke were absolutely wonderful in the way they opened their arms, hearts and doors, asking the patients to come in and have tea with them they rallied round beautifully.

In 1951 Sir Harold completed the first male to female gender reassignement of a transexual through vaginoplasty.

But before I could get it, Helmut Haller stuffed it up under his shirt" "Then he walked off the field calm as day, looking seven months pregnant! It should have been Geoff Hurst's but when I went to the German dressing room they wouldn't even let me in." Basingstoke is featuring as the subject of more and more works in print, this new section to the website for 2011 is to feature non fiction about the town, it is very much a 'work in progress' so any suggestions for additional content welcome, I know there is an awful lot to add In act 2 scene 1 of the Second Part of King Henry IV Shakespeare pokes mild fun at Basingstoke: Lord Chief-Justice "I have heard better news." Falstaff "What's the news, my lord? " Gower "At Basingstoke, my lord" Fal "I hope, my lord, all's well: what is the news, my lord? The book, written with a marvellous Victorian tone, features an interlude at the Holy Ghost on Basingstoke's Chapel Hill. the book can be found on Amazon also see here the tale of Emmanuel Cain, a Basingstoker with the unusual, triple, drug fuelled obsessions of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Basingstoke and blocking toilets, it's contemporaneously set in and around the town's streets and haunts, and contains some absolute gems: here the 'hero' talking about his despised father.

A highly recommended read, contains some wonderful lines such as that when Hart wakes up nursing a hangover and an empty bottle of brandy and calls to his club barman A drink, Horrocks, I called out to the waiting barman. "When we leave Laarsen's [...] it is dark outside on Wote Street.

In a new twist to the Baghstoke saga, De La Rue's factory in Basingstoke was chosen to print all the post Saddam Iraqi currency 'the New Iraqi Dinar'.

In case anyone decided to 'nuke' Basingstoke, there was a nuclear bunker located under this town centre building. (Bilton Road) roundabout, was built with a novel oval shape to ease the traffic flow along what was the main trunk road between London and Southampton (equivalent of today's M3).

And the Top Gear lap, and Fifth Gear test on Youtube.model and actress, attended Harriet Costello school and Queen Mary's College in Basingstoke, amongst local acting roles, in 1980, she played 'Fairy Starlight' in Jack and the Beanstalk in a local Pantofor as long as I can remember (and since at least the 1970s) Mister Clappy, as he is known locally, has been daily jogging and walking the streets of Basingstoke, in all weathers, always wearing his signature trainers, baggy joggers, tucked in sweat shirt, baseball cap and a pair of industrial or gardening gloves, always clapping and shouting at the traffic.

' 'Yes, sir' 'That's nothing to be ashamed of.' 'Flowwe or Basingstoke, sir? ' She glared at him and crossed her arms and said: 'Basingstoke,' through gritted teeth. I mean, you may as well say, "Good Afternoon, Manchester" or "Fancy Bumping into You, Basingstoke." Jeeves: Yes, sir. The Great Basingstoke Drought During 2012, the wettest summer on record, South East Water had a drought order and hose pipe ban in force on Basingstoke, at the time of the drought there was so much rain it had caused the river Lodden burst its banks and flood the town centre parks Basingstoke Live!

The building survived the Cold War but was razed in 2001 to make way for a block of flats, the bunker becoming a basement gymnasium. Caroline Thorpe, wife of the Liberal Party leader Jeremy Thorpe, was killed here in a car crash in 1970.

more (Churchill Way) These laser cut steel service doors to Festival Place were designed by artist Chris Knight and nominatied for the 30,000 Jerwood applied arts prize. Lutyens built the factory in Basingstoke because of the high quality of the local clay and it provided the bricks for many of his famous buildings . presented "Basingstoke 1985/86" at the Long Gallery.

From Jude the Obscure: "There is in Upper Wessex an old town of nine or ten thousand souls; the town mat be called Stoke Barehills. (I've not got a definitive source for this height, if you know of one please drop me an email, address at the bottom of the page) (Alençon Link) was the tallest building between London and New York, until the IBM 'Liquorice Allsort' building got a top floor and neon strip added when it became Skyline Plaza, making it about 4 feet taller than Fanum House.

It stands with its gaunt, unattractive ancient church, and its new red brick suburb . (Basing View)The sun sets over the 'Costa del Basingstoke', a new apartment complex built in the style of a 'Costa' resort, however as Basingstoke has no beach it has to make do with a view over the town's enormous car park.(Alencon Link) 'The Hanging Gardens of Basingstoke', (rooftop gardens) were created in the 1970s, though sadly now not as magnificent as in their heyday.

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