Sedating horse

Sedating to clip – a hairy job in more ways than one!

Hi there all – I have been asked about sedating horses to clip them quite a lot lately, so I thought I would explain some of the drugs used, including estimate prices.

Although she's only been trailered a couple times, she's always done fine. Yesterday it was like we were dealing with a completely different horse.

We believe it was because the last time she was trailered(three weeks ago) she went to the vet to get her vaccs, and she is TERRIFIED of needles.

I have had to clip a lot of horses in my time, as well as sedating clients' horses..

I have had an awful, awful past few days, and this has just about sent me over the edge.

I know this needs to be fixed and is a matter of training, but I can't begin working on it until we get her moved.

If I have to I will use a lunge whip and lightly tap the horse's back just in front of the hip in rhythmic taps and keep it in the same small area.

It becomes annoying to the horse and often inspires it to move forward. Has anyone heard of any bad side effects from B-Kalm?

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