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Egypt’s Pharaoh Ramesses II (later known as Ramesses the Great) marched with 20,000 of his own men to take it back. Both sides realized that neither of them was likely to gain a decisive victory, so sought another solution.The result was a peace agreement, signed around 1269 BC, which is the oldest surviving treaty in existence.They were built as a resting place for Egypt’s rulers, and the walls were lined with stories and spells designed to help the soul on its journey to the afterlife.The oldest of these inscriptions comes from the pyramids of Unas and are the oldest surviving religious texts in the world.The Hittites and the Egyptians were among the earliest great civilizations.They had an uneasy relationship and both wielded a relatively large amount of military power for the time.

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Documents have literally changed the world, and some of them have survived for hundreds or even thousands of years.

Every type of document provides a unique window into our shared heritage as human beings, in ways that are both surprising and fascinating.

The surveyed sample of youth is either students from Upper Egypt or those from The American University in Cairo; I think choosing two different extremes biases the results and views somehow.

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The treaty promises everlasting peace, created by the leaders “in order not to permit hostilities to arise between them, forever.

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