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Join us in turning these ambitious goals into reality. Kiwanis is looking out for kids in every corner of the globe with over 600,000 volunteers who serve their communities through local clubs. By 1921 agents were told to list all the people under their charge, and if a name was listed for the first time, or was not listed from the last year, an explanation was required.It was considered helpful to indicate the number for the person on the previous year's census.Persons also could be designated by a number peculiar to that reservation, if it was explained somewhere, or they could be listed as "N.E.", or "Not Enrolled." In the 1930s, sometimes only supplemental rolls showing the additions and deletions from the previous year were submitted.The early instructions just said to include family groups with all the people living in each household.

Primarily he urged the agents to get the information and send it in on time, without much comment.

The usefulness of having all the family members share the same surname was pointed out, especially for the purposes of property or land ownership, so that children and wives would be known by the names of their fathers and husbands in questions of inheritance.

The agents were told not to simply substitute English for the native language.

The original was sent to the Commissioner of Indian Affairs; multiple copies were not created.

The earliest censuses were written in by hand, but typing appeared quite early.

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