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So be aware when reading this history of the major influx of plantation settlers from 1600 onwards and the land seizure from the native Catholic Irish and after a period of Catholic rebellion in 1641 against Plantation there was a "reasonably" settled time between planter and native farmers roughly between 16.

There were major conflicts between them again circa 1795 after the Williamite Wars circa 1690 onwards with the formation of the Orange order in 1795.

Some bits and pieces of information on local places and people who have influenced the area and thus the people who lived there throughout the centuries are also included.

It cannot be stressed enough that in order that the psyche of the people of this area especially the original Catholic Irish is understood it is essential to have a good understanding of the political and social upheaval of the area circa 1600 onwards after the fall of the O'Neills.

The date at the top will indicate just how up to date a copy may be.

Many members of the extended Quinn Loughran and Beck families were spoken to in the generation of this document.

The modern Highland estates of the gentry in Scotland had their populations "cleared" as recently as the late 19th century.

These were major events in Irish history because the fall of the O'Neills was where Irish history changed forever. Though there are cases when this rule does not apply.

The motto of the Quinn family is "Quod Sursum Volo Videre" translated "I wish to see things which are above". ======= In Mc Lysaghs "Names of Ireland" this name is sourced from several name links.

This name is said to be a variant of the name Mac Call in Ulster especially Co. Mac Call is the Anglicised form of Mac Cathmhaoil common in Co Tyrone pre Plantation.

A short history of the Quinn family resident at Cnocknaskinna Beaghmore Cookstown Co.

Tyrone Ireland circa 1795-until the present with family tree information from 1725 some 270 years.

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Tyrone and the environs of Beaghmore in particular to add interest and perhaps make the reader see just what a cockpit of history they are living in. It would be nice if perhaps a younger member of the extended Quinn family were to take this information and progress further. When one looks at this tree one can simply look to see aunts uncles grandfathers, which is fine.

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