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You can see the robotic head in action in the video below.In April, Realbotix released the beta version of the Harmony AI app, which lets you create a personality that will integrate with the robotic head.You can check out the full list of modes on the company’s website.Although the project has one female name, you can actually buy different model types and program your companion to have the name of your choosing.If you enjoy TV and film, it’s likely you’ve seen Mc Mullen’s work.

His company Synthea Amatus began selling sex dolls equipped with the artificial intelligence system in August for between €2,000 and €3,500.

Those who have publically displayed their creations have also dealt with ridicule.

So it’s likely other projects are underway and won’t be revealed until they surpass a certain level of quality and realism.

The doll can also interact with voice assistants like Alexa or Google Home to do fun things like control appliances or set mood music.

She does not move on her own but gives vocal responses to touch thanks to sensors placed in different areas of the body.

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