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The first thing that hit them as they walked through the door, was the smell of cigarette smoke.

In spite of an anti-smoking law that had been passed years ago in most European countries, it appeared that every second person was smoking.

It appeared that lots of Dutch women just didn’t give a damn how they looked, the attitude appeared to be, take me as I am or go to hell.

Hell had never been an attractive option until he moved to Amsterdam.

While at work one day, he’d attempted to make polite conversation with Noortje, his departmental secretary. ” He’d asked her, not in the least bit interested in any answer she might have provided.

He understood why the Shallow Man had made the comment that a Lamborghini with a bad paint job, was still a stunning car.

They started with a superb meal at Mystique followed by a couple of cocktails in the bar downstairs, which had a nice mixture of locals and expats, good music and a civilised atmosphere.

The expat decided to take his friends to Bar Italia, a popular place in Amsterdam.

For example, even though it was dark by now, there were many cyclists happily riding along without a single light on their bikes, the reasons being that: While waiting to be served at the bar, the expat was discussing this in English with his friends when a couple of Dutch women, dressed like clones that had escaped from a research facility, wearing the Dutch female uniform of horrible brown suede flat boots, jeans taken from a freshly buried corpse, and tops that they’d obviously put on during a power cut, interrupted the conversation with a loud:“HEY! : The expat: “have a guess”Dutch woman “Well you’re wearing a three-piece suit so are definitely not from here, are you from the US? ”Expat “Yes I’m working here”Dutch woman “DO YOU SPEAK DUTCH???

”Expat: “I’m a global citizen, wherever I lay my Playstation is my home”Dutch woman “PLAYSTATION? ”Expat “Neuken in de keuken”Dutch woman “We Dutch hate it when you stupid expats say that”Expat “Sorry hoor! ” laughs, “so you do speak Dutch”Expat “hou je bek trut”Dutch woman “What did you say? ”Expat “something like that”Dutch woman “Where in Amsterdam do you live?

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