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Students spend a portion of their day in a French setting, and a portion in an English setting, with the core curriculum divided between them.Science, for example, will be taught in French throughout a student’s high school career, with literature and art, say, taught in English.

Likewise, cultural literacy is very much foregrounded, most obviously in the use of the French National Curriculum, first devised at the time of the French Revolution.

Li: “Language is like a door which enables you to learn the world.

When you learn one language you get to know one part of the world.

While that’s true—that’s exactly what language immersion is intended to provide—a more accurate term is content-based language instruction.

Just as we think of immersion, says Genesee, “content-based language instruction holds that people do not learn language and then use it, rather, they learn language by using it.”[3] "Content" in this instance doesn’t refer only to whatever thoughts and ideas a student may be expressing, but to curriculum content specifically.

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