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As you get to know your own body better, you’ll also be a better lesbian lover.This is so true, and I hope you’ll take this seriously.

We have a dedicated customer support team, who check all new profiles & photos, to ensure they are real people with genuine motives for joining the site.

I had a friend in college who happened to be dating two people at the same time for over a year.…

There’s a lot wrapped up in your first time lesbian sexual experience. Undress her slowly, appreciating every newly exposed piece of flesh.

You’re feeling equally free to touch her in a similar fashion. But pay attention to what kind of touch turns you on! If you’re paying attention, you’ll realize you have a particular way of touching yourself (along with what you imagine in your mind) that always brings you to orgasm.

This kind of touching is probably going to lead to sex. You’re probably wondering how to get to second, third and fourth base with this lesbian. If you’ve never done this, get a mirror and take a look at yourself.

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She’s interested in you and you have similar feelings about her. There are signals of sexual interest – she is touching you all the time on your hands, your arms, your hips and waist, your back and shoulders.

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