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If the paper comes back crunched, you are squeezing too hard!Allowing your hands to loosen up translates into reduced tension in the shoulders and less wasted energy.—Andrew Chaddick, MS, CSCS, a personal trainer at The Houstonian Club in Houston, Texas Your feet are the only thing that comes into contact with the ground every single time you walk and run yet they’re almost always hidden away in shoes and never shown any love.This activates muscles and micro-tendons you would never use in normal, everyday workouts, thus increasing strength, stability, and support for the muscles that are typically overused when running.It also builds core strength by forcing your abs to engage to help you balance.—Cindy Slansky, RN, a competitive runner and CEO of Green Paxx Many coaches try to improve stride by asking runners to consciously modify their form (take shorter steps, land on the front of the foot instead of the heel).Make it part of your daily routine by flossing your feet every time you brush your teeth.—Andrew Chaddick When you run, your brain is constantly communicating with your muscles to figure out how you can run more efficiently (i.e. This involuntarily process explains why all runners become more economical with experience. Research shows that the neuromuscular system is most likely to discover more efficient ways to move when you push your limits (i.e. To do this without risk of overtraining, end some of your easy runs with a “fast finish.” Wait until the last five or 10 minutes of a longer run and then speed up to an effort level of six or seven on a scale of one to 10.—Matt Fitzgerald, coach and training expert for Pear Sports and author of For perfect running form, your legs should move like the hands on a clock (Imagine tracing a clock with your pedal stroke on a bike.That’s where this clock would be in relation to your body.) When you run, think about bringing your foot up to the 12 o'clock position, reaching out to 3 o'clock, striking the ground directly beneath your body at 6 o'clock, then pushing off to 9 o'clock behind you.As a result, you’re starving your lungs of oxygen—the exact opposite of what you want.Slow down your breathing, relax a little, and you might find running is much easier.—Scott Keatley, USA Track and Field Level 1 certified, former cross country coach, and a consultant at Keatley Medical Nutrition Therapy in New York City Running can essentially be distilled into a series of single-leg jumps—which can be very hard on your joints.

Plyometric moves like the box jump are great for increasing stiffness in your legs during impact (a good thing for runners).Stay on the line without looking down.—Doug Joachim, a certified barefoot running coach in New York City The “third-world squat” (sometimes called “third-world chair”) can work wonders in changing your running stride.It’s a deep, comfortable squat, with feet shoulder-width apart and seat almost touching the ground.It may be counterintuitive, but most distance runners are breathing too much.By trying to bring in so much oxygen so quickly, you’re not getting rid of all the CO2 in your lungs.

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Why that’s bad: Research also shows that the most skilled athletes in all sports have the least activity in their brains when performing sport-specific movements.

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