Spiderman dating shadowcat who is quentin richardson dating

Peter and Kitty websling away together, and go back to the roof, and kiss! They make another date Saturday night, and Kitty gives Peter her phone number and e-mail address. The dragon spits fire on her, but Kitty manages to phase herself, thereby surviving the blast. She doesn’t know why she has to be an X-Man every second of every day.

Peter watches Kitty leaving and, once he gets back home, he already received a message from her. She doesn’t even know for sure anymore if she had a life once.

Kurt tries to defend that the forces of doom are on their way. Kurt doesn’t like that, since he programmed the Danger Room so they could do this.

Kitty walks away, telling Kurt he looks good when he’s playing geek.

She realizes how stupid that was, and goes back upstairs.

Later, while visiting the Coney Island fair, Iceman kissed Kitty.

Rogue caught them, knocked Kitty out, and soon left the X-Men to be with Gambit.

After the X-Men cleared their names, Kitty settled in to her new life.

Ruled by her hormones, she showed romantic interest in her teammates Colossus and Angel before setting her sights on Iceman (Bobby Drake).

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