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Someday you’ll be sitting in a movie theater, watching a big-budget Hollywood movie, and say, “Hey, I’m pretty sure that girl making out with Zac Efron danced for me one time.” At least that’s what the girl currently grinding on your gym shorts for will have you believe, since every single dancer in this West LA strip hall is just doing this until she catches her “big break”. Now if you read the news -- or spend enough time in Tampa -- it might have you convinced it's also the way many of the local residents arrived in Florida, but you'll definitely be convinced that the you spend on a full-nude lap dance from girls almost-as-hot as the ones down the street at Mons is the best you’ve ever spent in three minutes. And thus, at Portland’s famous Acropolis, you can score a 16oz T-bone -- with potatoes and salad! The service is laid back and friendly, most of the dancers double as Suicide Girls and are just as happy cracking wise as they are casually (no pressure!

And while the words “playmate”, “model”, and “girl who'd make me piss myself before talking to in a club” will usually be said multiple times while sitting at the rail, the odds are a lot more likely her “big break” will involve starring in a film with a name that ends in “Volume 9”. -- and a beer from a huge tap list, then eat it while you watch a woman fully disrobe. ) trying to sell dances, and audience participation is key.

While there was a time when the idea of fine dining in strip clubs made about as much sense as selling fine wine at a NASCAR race, the folks at Alluvia in this high-end Atlanta strip joint were pioneers when they opened in 2002.

The club is less of a strip club than it is a club with strippers, where you’ll find more ladies at the tip rail tucking bucks than you will guys, and a noticeable absence of anyone being called to the main stage.

Whoever said partying at the same place both day and night wasn’t fun clearly hasn’t visited this place. The great upside to re-doing a nearly 20-year-old Bourbon Street landmark strip club is you finally get those cigarette burns and liquor stains out of the upholstery.

Sapphire threw a wild card into the gentleman’s club game and added a pool to their venue as part of their day club. naming you the best strip club in Atlanta to go to on a Monday isn’t qualification enough to make your top 21 list, well, then, clearly your criteria are way too high. I, but pretty much every other rapper who has ever set foot in the state of Georgia, and its smoky main room is packed other nights of the week with Atlanta locals, too. The downside of the major renovation to this 18,000sqft, two-level luxury stripping palace is now lap dances can run you .

On June 1st, Anti- will release Neko Case’s ‘Hell-On,’ an indelible collection of colorful, enigmatic storytelling that features some of her most daring, through-composed arrangements to date.

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